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Since it was founded in 2010, British manufacturer Lazer Lamps Ltd has been at the forefront of LED technology, bringing world class technology to its customers, and in the process setting the standard in automotive auxiliary lighting solutions. Combining competition beating performance with automotive quality standards, Lazer products are now recognised as leaders in their field.

Proudly manufacturing products in the UK, Lazer has introduced market leading products driven by company Director Ben Russell-Smith, who has been working at the forefront of vehicle lighting design since 2002, managing exterior lighting projects at Nissan’s European Technical Centre, and at Ford of Europe.

Perfect Intergration

Following the launch of our Linear-36, 42, and 48, alongside our range of Universal Roof Mounting kits, now is a good time to breakdown your potential roof light installation and provide a concise guide to choosing the right light, and right mounting solution for you and your vehicle. We appreciate a roof light is a reasonable investment, so it is important you feel confident in how the end solution will look and function. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of how to decide which Lazer roof light will best suit your needs, as well as where, and how, to position your light for the perfect install.

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A world first using patent pending technology, Intelligent Low Beam Assist smooths the transition from high beam to low beam driving lights through the incorporation of photoelectric sensors within the light. With the system activated, and operating on vehicle low beams, the light provides additional visibility in front of your vehicle and at the sides of the road, as the sensors detect oncoming traffic and isolate zones of lighting to prevent blinding vehicles in the opposing direction.

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